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Engården is situated just south of Stockholm, in Nynäshamn, about 6 km northwest of Hemfosa. We sell Engårdens® galoshes. We also have breeding of quality Icelandic horses and Icelandic sheep dogs. Consult us in theese themes or about gender equality issues!




A lot is happening at the moment, Engarden AB is our new company for consultancy.Check out our latest services such as Gender Impact Assesment, Standard for gender mainstreaming,Standard for social inclusion, Standard for ecological sustainability.


Engarden AB can now offer you consultancy in gender mainstreaming and non-discrimination, Contact us >


Engårdens® Galoscher

- rehabilitation for abscesses or laminitis

When your horse has a hoof problem like abscesses, hole walls, laminitis, puncture wounds or thrush, the hoof must be kept clean from mud, stones and germs. This is difficult, especially in rainy periods with muddy pastures. The galoshes are a perfect solution. They are made of pure rubber and they are environmental friendly. Always keep a galosh in your stable for security.


Engårdens® Galosch

Engårdens® galosh is a soft and flexible galosh made of latex. Protects the injured hoof from mud or water. Easy to put on. Spacious enough for bandages. Very useful for treatment like waterbathes, disinfection or cooling hooves.

Poly Horse Shoe



Poly Grip

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