Sia 20100714 " Very nice and feminine bitch

  Typical proportions and outlines, very nice head and expression

nice topline and tail-set, good bodywell angulated,good feet and typical

dewclaws, moves very well" Pirjo Aaltonen  Certificate and 1st in competitionclass

3 in best bitch at Stockholm 2012-12-16 parents Fjára and Dofri

SUCH Fjára S56573/2002

INTUCH Ullälvas Dofri S31550/2003

Máni, 6 months old



Icelandic Sheepdog

Above Sómi and Fjalar 28 okt 2010

Fjáras last litter, 5 puppies born on the 14 of July, have now passed to new homes. They are spread over the country and Kristall went to Germany. Only Sia will remain at home.

Kennel Swedish Engården breeds Icelandic sheepdogs. SUCH Fjára, after Katur and Skotta, was imported from Iceland 2002.


    Idunn 17 August now living with her father in Tystberga

Father of the puppies is Ullälvas Dofri S31550/2003 DKUCH, FINUCH, NUCH, SUCH, SV-04 NORDUCH and INTUCH.
See Se picture to the left below one of the puppies with the same father last year, Máni who lives in Copenhagen.  Another of Fjaras puppies in earlier litter Steina after Wadsteinas Rebbi have been best dog of the year 2009 in the Swedish Icelandic sheepdog organisation.

From left  Sia and Abba 17 August.

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