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Galoshes for abscesses or laminitis


When your horse has a hoof problem like abscesses, hole walls, laminitis, puncture wounds, thrush or alike, the hoof must be kept clean from mud, stones and germs. This is difficult, especially in periods of rainy weather when pastures are muddy. The galoshes are a perfect solution. They are made of pure rubber and the material is friendly to environment as it turns into burnable garbage after use. They both should be kept in dark and tempered environment when not used. Always keep a galosh in your stable for security.


Engårdens® Galosh

- for soaking and treatment


Engårdens® galosch is made of latex, is soft and elastic and easy to pull on like a stocking. It is made for watering and treatment of hooves, for disinfection, cooling or as covering protector for hooves. There are plenty of rooms for bandages, medical treatment pads or water and it will all stay in place as the neck close tight to the bone. The galosh keeps mud and dirt out. To prevent hoof cracks or white line disease you put the horse for half an hour a day in the box with this soaking galosh. This galosh is made for in-door use or at very smooth grounds as it could be cut by sharp edges like stones, glass etc.

Sizes (Sizes/width) Price  
Mini for foals or Shetland ponies 11 cm (4,4 inches) (Qty:1) 39€
Medi for Icelandic horses or bigger ponies 13,5 cm (5,4 inches) (Qty:1) 39€
Maxi for horses 17 cm (6,8 inches) (Qty:1) 39€

Poly Horse Shoe

- for shelter or riding.

Poly horse shoe is made of a very sustainable rubber material. The galosh is suitable for out-door use in the pasture or for riding at roads as the sole is 0,4 inches (1 cm) thick.The galosh can be used when the horse have dropped a shoe, for riding or driving with bare foot horses, as protector at different kinds of hoof injuries, during transportation or as a hoof moisturizer. As the sole is elastic the shoe is perfect for hard roads or rocky grounds. It is made in six sizes in black colour.The galosh follows the form of the hoof and there are six sizes. You measure the width of the hoof. When you put on the galosh, start with the toe and then use the hoof grip to pull up the back of the galosh.

Sizes (Sizes/width) Price  
A/95 mm (3,8 inches) (Qty:1) 67€
B/110 mm (4,4 inch) (Qty:1) 67€
C/115 mm (4,6 inches) (Qty:1) 67€
D/120 mm (4,8 inch) (Qty:1) 67€
E/125 mm, (5,0 inches) (Qty:1) 67€
F/132 mm (5,3 inch) (Qty:1) 67€

Poly Grip

- the galosh keeping the grip

Poly Grip is the same galosh as the Poly Horse Shoe with winter calks for use in winter time. The galoshen is available in six sizes. Extra calks can be bought.
Sizes (Sizes/width) Price  
A/95 mm (3,8 inches) (Qty:1) 78€
B/110 mm (4,4 inch) (Qty:1) 78€
C/115 mm (4,6 inches) (Qty:1) 78€
D/120 mm (4,8 inch) (Qty:1) 78€
E/125 mm, (5,0 inches) (Qty:1) 78€
F/132 mm (5,3 inch) (Qty:1) 78€

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