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Welcome to Engården, the small family farm for breeding of icelandic horses.  We have boxes to rent  We are looking for help with training young horses. Interested in knowing more - please contact Gunilla.



Freydis from Engården


Tyra from Engården
(SE 1995206351) High, black mare, born 1995, at Engården. Her father is Týr vom Rappenhof, and her mother Mánadis frá Þingeyrum a 5-gaited mare after Mani frá Ketillstöðum. She was shown 2001 and scored 7,95 for both rideability and conformation. She is 4-gaited and scored 8,5 for trot, tölt, gallop, spirit and appearance under the rider. She has good results from competitions, and is a promising breeding mare with 101 in BLUP. She has had 4 foals: Tara, Gneisti , Disa and Freydis.

Tara from Engården (SE 1999208552) Black mare with a star, born 1999, her father is Mökkur frá Varmalæk and her mother is Týra från Engården. She was shown 2008 with 7, 93 total. Good gaits, very good back and loins and strong legs. She is very friendly and easy to handle. She had a foal 2004 by Taktur från Örvik, his name is Seidur. She had another foal 2006 by Skorri fra Blönduosi, his name is Lódi. Tara is ridden since 2005. BLUP112.Sold.

Tyvar från Engården (SE2000100349) Gelding born 2000, chestnut with star, his father is Tývar frá Kjartansstöðum IS 93187-336, who was the most promising 4-year old stallion in Iceland 1997 and his mother Freyja frá Kjartansstöðum, a mare from the same farm with Kirkjubae-bloodline. He has BLUP 108. He is easy to ride and handle and have been frequently trained in dressage. Very cooperative mind and steady, with 4 clear and soft gaits.

Loði from Engården (SE2006105886) Black stallion, born 2006 BLUP 116. Mother: Tara från Engården. Father: Skorri fra Blönduosi.

Freydis from Engården Born 2009 after Vefur fra Eikarbrekka under Tyra från Engården.Blup 113.

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